Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ashland, Wisconsin

Ashland was a home of one of the big iron ore docks on Lake Superior. The remains of the dock dominates the lake shore. Unfortunately, the historic structure has been deemed unsafe and is scheduled for demolition. When I found out this, I was glad I took a bunch of photos of the dock while in Ashland.

From the dock, I headed to the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center for more information about the area. That was a waste. When I told them I was looking for landscapes and seascapes to photograph. The started telling be about the yards of some of the old houses. At the motel, they suggested I drive up to Bayfield.

The folks at the information center there weren't much better. I ended up walking around the dock area a little. Then went up by the orchards where they said I would get a good view of the Apostle Islands. I could not. The only view I had was from the docks - of Madeline Island.

Back in Ashland about 1pm. Waiting for some more warmth before my bike ride, I headed to Main Street. Wanted to look at and photograph some of the old buildings. There, at least, I was successful. Saw, and photographed some of the murals painted on building sides.

Getting hungry, I was parked near Buddies Burgers - a 50s style diner. Another mistake I made today. They had a special 1/4# burger, fries, and medium soda for $6. I ordered a burger with pickle, onion, and lettuce - I got one with pickle, onion, and tomato. The fries were very dark, and soft/limp but at least hot. Fries were dripping with oil. And my "Medium" soda, I would had to see what a small looks like! I was not impressed. My recommendation - PASS on Buddies Burgers.

OK, lets try a bike ride - that has to be better. Kitted up and headed out from the motel to ride the Ashland Rail Trail - Waterfront Trail. Riding that trail gave me another and closer view of the old ore dock. The top photo in this posting was taken during my bike ride. The Ashland trail turns away from the shore and winds around and ends up to be the 5th Street Corridor. At Sanborn Avenue, the 5th Street Corridor turns into the Tri-County Corridor.

Took me some time to get comfortable and feel good riding again. Was a little apprehensive. By the end of my almost 9 miles ride, I was feeling better. But, damn it is rougher pedaling the fat, knobby tires than the skinnies.

Anyway, got a few good trail photos for the web site, blogs, and calendars.

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