Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flooding Overview

Yesterday I got up to Lewis & Clark Monument to view the flooding from that vantage point. In the middle of a Monday morning, there were not too may folks up there. The view sure illustrates the extent of the flooding.

I am trying to find a photo I have of Big Lake in its normal state. The river has swallowed the lake. You can see I-29 disappearing into the water. On the way back into town, I was going to take photos of the flood waters under the railroad trestle. Lots of "No Parking" signs there. Guess I will ride the bike one day up there for the photos.

National Guard troops are paroling the levee. I sure hope the levees hold. The river is expected to be this high until well into August. Don't think levees were expected to hold the river that long.

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