Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midwest Mountain Bike Festival - Day 2

It was a busy day at the festival. It started off with a pancake breakfast by the Eldridge Lions which was held at the Sac Fox campground shelter. From there is was over to the main festival area.

Group rides were organized. The kid's ride headed out. At that time, I decided it was time for me to ride. My goal was to ride the other loop (Parkview Loop). Carol (FORC member) recommended to also ride the Pine Bowl that comes off of the Parkview Loop.

The Parkview Loop is a little longer, and sections of the trail has tighter clearances and sharper turns. Then again, there are some longer straight-a-ways. The loop is a green trail (as was Long Grove Loop I rode yesterday).

Pine Bowl is a blue trail, yet I found it easier than sections of the Parkview Loop. Did not have the tight turns.

All-in-all, by the time I was getting near done the Parkview Loop, I was tired. Could see/feel I was losing the control of my bike. No crashes - thankfully. After the ride and a sandwich, I decided to head to the room for stretch my legs and maybe take a nap.

After the rest, it was time for the "Not Lame Games". First was "Huffy Toss". The goal was to see who to throw a "Huffy" bike the furthest. The other game was "Bicycle Dodgeball". Riding bicycles, throwing bicycle tires at the opponent in a classic game of dodgeball.

During the games there was a constant drizzle - making the grass very slick. It was also getting cool and damp. I decided I had enough for the day - skipping the potluck BBQ and the beer potluck.

Raining very hard on my drive back to the room. May have to grab the hybrid tomorrow to ride pavement.

Today's photo shows my Fuel EX7 on the Parkview Loop.

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