Friday, June 24, 2011

Midwest Mountain Bike Festival - Day 1

Was a looong day today. As usual, I could not get to sleep last night - before trip restless. Gave up on sleeping about 3:30 in the morning.

Went into packing the car (as usual - packing 3 times what I need). Normal chat. Then headed into Council Bluffs to gas up the car, pick up a couple groceries for the trip, and lubed the car. Was out of CB before 8am.

Had to stop for coffee and breakfast (getting tired). That gave me the rush to drive on. Stopped in Iowa City for a break. Eventually arrive in Quad Cities 3pm. Checked into the motel and then found Scott County Park for registration.

Back to the motel to change clothes for a bike ride. At the Trek Demo Trailer, it was like "old home weekend". There was Ryan Schutz IMBA Director of Field Programs, Morgan & Steve Lommele of IMBA Trail Care Crew, Hansi Johnson - IMBA Midwest Regional Director, Trek Rep from Des Moines (sorry, have forgotten your name) and Ken Derrico - Midwest Factory Demo Rep.

I was offered to ride with the group. I decided to ride myself to check out the trail (if I can ride it without major difficulties) and I did not want to slow them down. Rode the Long Grove loop (about 2 miles). Almost all of the trail was within my riding abilities. Stopped to walk a couple bridges and walked once to slow down my heart rate (got it up to 120 bpm).

Bed time now - need my rest. BTW, today's photo was taken on the Long Grove Loop, Scott County Park, Eldridge, IA

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