Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Riding the Trace

With all the flooding along the Missouri River, bicycle riding has taken a turn. The longest ride on paved trails in Council Bluffs is Valley View, 5 miles one way. The options are riding the streets and roads or riding the Wabash Trace.

Over the last week, I took two rides on the Trace from Silver City to Malvern. I was surprised to see the Silver Creek is quite low. Might be a bit higher now, with the rain this week. Some change from the Missouri!

Friday's ride was solo. Took a few more photos of the Silver Creek Bridge. Trail surface was pretty good, just a couple soft spots.

Sunday, I rode with Dennis. With the rain Saturday night, the trail was a little soft. Slowed me down some. We headed out from Silver City about 10:30 as it was going to be a warm and humid day. Though there was a breeze from the SE, there was basically no air moving on The Trace. We were both dripping with sweat when we got done about 12:30. I stayed inside the rest of the day (computer work).

Lots of traffic on the Wabash Trace Sunday. More than I have ever seen before between Silver City and Malvern. Does the flooding (closed trails along the river) put more traffic on the Trace? Sure seemed to, Dennis and I both expect to ride the Trace more this year because of the flooding.

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