Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Iron Skillet Rip-off

Yesterday was my traveling day. Loaded up the car and headed from the Quad Cities to Kenosha, WI. Wanted to get an hour or so under my belt before breakfast. Gassed up the car and headed on the highway.

Plan was to eat at Rochelle, IL. Pulled into the Petco Travel Center. Wanted to get out of the car and do some computer work at breakfast. Got my coffee and water and started studying the menu.

To use the wi-fi, I would have to sign up for an account and pay $1.99 for an hour use. Bullpucky! I just had my breakfast and stopped by the cashier. Told her that this was ridiculous - I was spending $11.00 for breakfast (normal eggs, potatoes, meat, toast and coffee) and would have to PAY to use the internet!

She game me the phone number for Iron Skillet Customer Service. Told here I was planning to blog about my complaint. Damn - with $11 breakfast and a truck stop/travel center, they should PAY ME to use the internet.

When I was in northern Wisconsin - lots of little bar and grills in out of the nowhere had free wi-fi for their customers!

Anyway - I am black-listing Iron Skillet restaurants. Hope you do, too.

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