Thursday, June 2, 2011

Treynor to Hayward

Early this morning I headed out of the house heading for Hayward, WI for Festival of the Trails. Couple of minor problems on the trip. The Check Engine came on between home and Des Moines. Cleaned the gas fill cap. Checked the oil (had problems getting a good reading). Drove with the light on until St. Croix Falls, WI.

Construction traffic just North of St. Paul on I-35E. That slowed me down. I was still at St. Croix Falls, WI a little after 1pm. Was ready for a break from the drive. At the Information Center recommended at hike at Interstate Park.

Interstate State Park is Wisconsin's first state park. While no mountain bike trails, it is at the end of Wisconsin's Gandy Dancer Trail (bicycle). Also, it is the West end of the Ice Age Trail (hiking). When I got to the entrance, I realized that my Senior National Parks Pass is good for Interstate Park. Free admission, what a deal!

Figured I would check out a couple of trails, spending about 2 hours. Started with Pot Holes Trail. Was a good trail with views of the St. Croix River.

After the 0.4 mile hike, up and down rocks, my legs were feeling pretty good. Decided to try the Summit Trail and eventually Echo Canyon trail. Documented my hike with several great photos. there will be several on my facebook photo album.

At one point, I had to back-track so that I could see the "Old Man of the Dalles". That's the lower photo on today's posting.

Now, my legs had been giving me problems walking - specially my left knee. When I finished the 2 hour hike, my legs/knee were feeling great.

I can recommend Wisconsin's Interstate State Park. Get out and hike the rocks along the bluff. Great break from the drive.

Into the motel (Super 8) in Hayward. They screwed up my reservation - did not reserve me a room in the annex. Having some other issues with the room. The knob is missing from the light switch between the beds. Also, while the TV channel card shows MSNBC, I cannot get that channel.

Once I was checked into the room, I headed to the Angry Minnow for beer and food. Was looking forward to the pork tenderloin sandwich - but they did not have it on the menu this year. Settled for a burger and 2 glasses of River Pig Pale Ale. Processed photos while eating. Now I am exhausted - bed time!

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