Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home and Flood Report

Monday I drove home from Deerwood, MN. Had a good time at the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival. Talked with one of the organizers, commented on a couple things I liked and did not like about the festival. She said they are planning to send out a survey (which I had recommended). Uneventful drive home - just tired. Still was able to pick up the mail and stop by the bike shop to check on my road bike.

Tuesday, I just could not get out of bed. Over slept and missed breakfast. Did got out and about in time for my doctor appointment (physical). No problems other the aches and pains from the crash and age. Picked up the road bike (was in for its first annual inspection and tune-up). Rest of the day - crashed.

Wednesday I just had to get out on the bike, even though I was a bit tired. Parked at Lake Manawa (at the nature walk). Plans were to survey the trails so see how far I can ride. Here's What I have found, so far.

Heading toward the Wabash Trace - Mosquito Creek is flooding the trail under the railroad.

Construction of the new trail connecting Lake Manawa Trail to the Veteran's Memorial Trail (East side of Lake Manawa).

Missouri River Boat Ramp Parking Lot - and our mountain bike trails).

Bridge over Indian Creek - Note the people on the far end of the bridge. That's National Guard patrolling the levee. Officials do not want the public on the levee, at all.

Indian Creek under Highway 92.

Veteran's Memorial Trail at S. 24th St.

Iowa Riverfront trail behind the Western Historic Trails Center.

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