Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why the new Cycling Camera

A short time ago, I reported that I had purchased a new Point & Shoot for use while cycling. Here's why.

The photo above is the standard photo taken by the new camera. Notice that the exposure of the trail tread is about right. Sections of the rear bike tire and the background in the distance are over exposed (blown). Yet the stump on the right side of the trail is barely visible.

A camera cannot capture the full dynamic range of the lighting in the photo. So, I set up the camera to take 3 bracketed exposures. One, is the normal exposure (photo above), one under exposed by 2EV (Exposure Value), and one over exposed by -2EV.

Those 3 exposures were combined by HDR Photo Pro. The result was a tone mapped photo representing the full dynamic range of the photo. (lower photo)

BTW, this photo was taken on the Patsy Lake Trail, one of the CAMBA trails.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photography !!!