Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Crashes - Ouch

Well, I started out the Festival of the Trails with a big bang. After getting registered and checking out where the punches will be located, I was ready to start riding.

Bill (whom rode with me first afternoon last year) arrived. Stopped to visit for a little. Then headed down the new trail which had the closest punch. A few yards dorn the trail I hit a large rock - ENDO! Took it easy and walked lost of that trail and eventually got my ticket punched.

Photo with this posting is a photo of the first trail I rode today. Pretty tame, eh. until the up/downs and rocks get thrown in.

After a walk back up the hill on the pavement, it was time to check up the trail being used for the night ride. Right away there was a good climb, more than I wanted ed to tackle in the dark.

Now, I wanted to accumulate some punches on my ticket. Checked out the gravel/dirt rode which comes close to some of the spots - Phipps Fire Lane. Found 3 punches without a lot of trouble. Only one light crash.

Things were going so well, I figured I would do one more ride to find a punch. Big error! I violated my own rule - never take that last run of the day. That's when you get hurt, when tired.

Could not find the punch I was looking for. Decided to turn back to the car. That's when I had my SECOND endo of the day. At it was a doozy - a full face plant into the sand.

A little sore when I got back to the room. Figured that was enough riding for the day. Cleaned up and had dinner (at the Angry Minnow). Now time to drive up to the Meet and Greet. Leaving my bike in the room!

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