Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bike Ride, Beer, and Buds

The day started as a normal Sunday morning - coffee at Panera Bread with John & Dennis. Dennis said he rode The Trace yesterday - I thought it would have been soft from the rain. With the wind forecast for this afternoon, I suggested we ride The trace Silver City to the West Nishna Bridge. Unfortunately, John has to work and Dennis was not sure he had the legs for that ride.

After coffee, I had to stop at the grocery store for my salad. Rested a little and then prepared for a ride on The Trace. Looking forward to checking out my new cycling computer.

Wind was picking up as I unloaded the bike in Silver City. Just as I was about to head down the trail, Chris and Joe (friends of Zack's) arrived in Silver City, headed to Malvern. Visited a little with them as we started down the trail. They were soon riding too fast for me.

It seemed that I was riding into the wind or at least a cross wind (wind from the SW-WSW). Was looking forward to a tail wind on the way back. Saw them again at the Silver Creek Bridge. Took a couple photos there. The upper photo was taken on Silver Creek Bridge (pushed with Photomatix Light).

Their destination was "Excuses" in Malvern for beer and sloppy joes. When I got to Malvern, I rode on through town and climbed the hill to Marh Road. Wanted to get in my 20 mile ride today.

Back in Malvern stopped at the bar. I did not have my cable lock with me. Chris said that recently a bike was stolen on the street, so he locked my bike with his and Joe's. Grabbed some grub and a couple beers. Saw they had 312 beer - had heard of it. Was offered a taste - its NASTY stuff. Settle for a Boulevard.

Decided to get a photo of the three of us at the bar. Things got a little crazy there, with the photo. (Lower photo - By the way, what was the bartender studying?) After a couple beers and sandwiches, it was time for me to head back up the trail.

As I headed North, it felt like I was again riding into the wind or a cross wind. The wind and the slightly soft trail surface, really gave my legs a work-out. Made my 20 miles, but was exhausted when I got home.

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