Sunday, February 8, 2015

50 Year Reunion

It was 1964 when I took Cathy Sherman to the Central High School Junior Prom.  She was also at my birthday party/hayride - Thanks to photos I found.  Friends and I were identifying those in attendance.  Through facebook, I was re-connected to Cathy.  We had lost touch as we both went out ways to college and the work force.

I was able to meet Cathy outside of Albuquerque, NM.  I am on my normal Mid-Winter trip and she was making her normal run between Wisconsin and California in her 18-wheeler.  It also happened to be her birthday.  We celebrated her birthday reminiscing over breakfast. 

After saying our "good-bye's" I went into Albuquerque for some shopping.  Was thinking of taking a bike ride, but decided to rest from the 2 days driving.  Later in the day, I met my cousin that lived in
Albuquerque.  We tipped a couple pints of brew and had some food at out favorite place - Billy's Long Bar.  Ended up spending over 3 hours talking about out lives, family, and such.

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