Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On The Way Home

Tuesday I started having some mouth pain - upper corner.  Feeling light it might be starting of needing a root canal.  Had a rough night in the room in Albuquerque.  Early on the road y\towards home.  Called my denstists\'s office when they opened.  The will squeeze me in Friday morning.

Weather turning bad as I drove Northwest on I-25.  From Glorieta pass until Trinidad, CO,  I drove through periods of snow,  Thankfully, it has been warm the last week so it was not sticking on the highway.

By the time I was near La Junta, the sun was shinning.  Had a couple of "tylonol" to east my tooth ache (which had turned into a headache).  Bough a new bottle of the store=brand pain relief.  Took another couple pills.  Checked into my room in Oakley, KS.  Not up to eating dinner, just crashed into bed. 

Nothing much to see along the highway on this route.  Stopped a couple times to take photos of old, abandoned buildings. 

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