Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Orange Empire Railway Museum

Tuesday we made a drive down to Perris, CA to tour the Orange Empire Railway Museum.  The museum has locomotives, street cars, and freight cats of various vintages and gauge. Many of them are operable.  As the docent said, "we put in many hours working at the museum, we like to play with the fruits of out labor".

I would have like to see more current equipment.  they had few pieces and what we saw was about all I could handle in one trip.

From there, My friend and i went over to Palm Desert to meet another friend for dinner.  Ate at La Tavlita for Mexican food.  This was a mistake.  It took forever for out food brought to our table.  When it arrived, it was not very hot (just warm).  My order was wrong.  And, there was a musician playing in the small restaurant, so loud that we could not talk and I got a headache.

Stopped at a local bar to continue out coversation.  Long drive back up the mountain and crashed into bed when I got to may cabin.

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