Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bike Ride on the Bosque

I slept in today.  Probably the food and brew last night.  Was waiting to hear from another friend in Albuquerque about meeting at luch.  He had to cancel.  I just walked from the hotel to the Denny's almost next door.

That was a mistake.  Ordered the Senior waffle slap.  The waffle was overcooked and dry.  My one scrambled ess looked and tested like a pile if eggs on a buffet line.  The restaurant was noisy and the service was slow.  Will not be eating here again.

Since it was a Sunday and the temperature was in a sunny 70 degrees, I know trailhead parking lots will be bursting from the seams.  The only one I knew that would handle the anticipated crowds would the Alameda Lot on the Paseo del Bosque. 

As expected, the lot was packed - had to park in the overflow (equestrian) section of the lot. Pumped up the tires on the hybrid and headed South on the trail.  It was feeling good to be back on the bike, though I had some doubts about the ride.  After about 2.5 miles, I turned around to head back.  The ride was going well, but the ride back would be up-stream and into the wind.  Did not push it too much - my legs will be good for another ride tomorrow.   Treated myself ti a Heath Blizzard for doing the ride and celebrating the weather.

Also spent some time today starting web site pages for this trip. Napped and basically it a day.

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