Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Relaxing Day on the Mountain

Today, the day was spend on the mountain in Idyllwild and Pine Cove.  Slept in.  Finished up the coffee available in the cabin. Finished up my pizza from the other night.  Still tasted good warmed up for breakfast. 

In Idyllwild, stopped in the drug store to pick up a book about the town.  At the grocery store, it was loading up the car for snacks during the drive.

Chuck's rental car needed some work.  we went to the Red Kettle Cafe for coffee.  On the menu I saw "Boysenberry Apple" pie.  i commented that sounded like a good combination.  The waitress corrected me that they were 2 different pies, but if I wanted, she would serve my a 1/2 slice of both.  I took her up on the offer - with ice cream (of course)!

When we got to Nancy & Rick's place, Nancy was reading one of my writings and doing some suggested edits.  I was very happy when she said while she is not a cyclist, my writing about how I plan my trips kept he interest,  She thought that in the booklet form I was looking at, it would have commercial value.  We discussed other issues with possible publishing my works.

Next it was back to Pine Cove.  I loaded most of my stuff into the car ready for departure early morning.  David, Rick, & Nance came over to Chuck's place (the main house where I am occupying the cabin).  Visited while they baked bread. 

Made my travel reservations to Albuquerque.  Sent out the notices to my friends I am planning to see there.  Today's photo of Hyw 243 through Idyllwild.

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