Monday, February 2, 2015

SuperBowl Sunday

It was a long day on Super Sunday.  Coffee with my friend Chuck in his cabin then over to his Sister & brother-in-law's place.  Met his brother and more coffee.  Bowls of oatmeal were offered, but I was not hungry - too much foot the day before!

Did a little driving tour of Idyllwild.  Planning to stop at one of the bike shops to check the difficulty level of local singletrack trails.  Alas, both were closes.

Relaxed and visited before driving down into the valley to the Super Bowl party we were invited to.  Riding as the front-seat passenger down the mountain left me with a bit of a headache. Stops for purchasing party supplies and gassing the car, we eventually arrived.  Lots of people and too many dogs wandering through the house and yard. 

Like typical for these parties, plenty of food to eat.  One of the hosts got me 2 Tylenol for my headache. I was not really watching any of the game - after all, my Packers lost the Conference Championship.  Still glad I attended - I needed to get out amongst people.  Have been mostly home along for the winter.

Back at my cabin about 9pm.  Did a little computer work and crashed into bed.

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