Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Salinas Pueblo Missions

With cool mornings, Monday I decided I would do some "tourist" stuff.  From the book "New Mexico Journey Guide" I settled on checking out the old pueblo mission ruins SE of Albuquerque.  East on I-40 to the Tijeras exit, South on highway 337 and highway 55 towards Mountainair.

There are 3 ruins sites that make up the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument.  The first one in this route was Quaria.  I was the only visitor when I arrived.  The ranger gave me a good synopsis of the history of the pueblo.  Then it was time to walk around to see the ruins and take photos.

The site is at about 6500ft altitude.  Glad I had just been on the mountain in Pine Cove, CA (about 6000 ft).  My knee was bothering more than the altitude. 

I walked the loop trail at the site.  Back at the visitor's center, I chatted more with the ranger.  Picked up a book about the sites.  Then, back on the road to Gran Quivira.  This site is a bit out if the way - 25 miles South of Mountainiar.  But, what the heck, I had all the day.  The only thing i was thinking of doing later in the day was a bike ride.

Gran Quivira sits on top of a hill, overlooking the mesa.  It also meant a walk up the paved trail (some sections being steep climb) to view the ruins.  I took my time.  Took photos of the ruins and the valley.  By the time I was back down to the visitor's center, my knee was giving me problems.  Selected a book about New Mexico parks and a bottle of Powerade (needed the electrolytes and sugar).

On back to Mountainair.  Was looking for a place for lunch and a large bottle of Gaterade or Powerade.  Downtown Mountainair was busy (at least many cars downtown) but did not see a place to my liking.  On over to Abo, the third of the pueblo missons.

The route to Abo and eventually back to Albuquerque paralleled the BNSF main line.  Took a couple photos of trains in the hill.  Several trains parked and lots of track work on the line.  Mountainair is the crest of the hill dropping to the West.

Made a short tour of the Abo ruins site.  My left knee was not up to walking the trail.  Took a few photos from the road. 

Saw many abandoned buildings up on the mesa.  Took some photos of those close to the road or interesting construction.  Some may end up on my Fine Art America page.

Bye the time I was back at the hotel, I was getting hungry.  The first place i looked for along Coors Blvd was not open.  Ended up having a pint of bock beer and a bacon cheeseburger at Effingbar & Grill on Sequoia, just off Coors.

Back at the hotel, I watch TV and crashed.  Photos with this post are of Quaria Mission, Gran Quivira ruins, and an old barn along US 60.

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