Thursday, February 5, 2015

Off the Mountain and to Phoenix

Got the car packed except for the computer, cameras, and change of clothes.  Was up about 4am.  Showered and dressed waiting until 5:30 when Chuck would get up.  Everything was in the car when I walked up to the main house.  Gave my "good-bye" and headed down the mountain.

Was still dark when i got on the road, but starting to see some light.  Got some beautiful shots of the moon set as I drove down the mountain.

Stopped in Indio along I-10 for breakfast.  On across the desert into Arizona.  Before getting to Phoenix, I dropped down to I-8, stopping at an information/visitor's Center in Gila Bend.  I was looking for information about the Sonoran Desert National Monument.  There is no visitor center in the monument. There was a trail/maintenance crew at one of the place along the highway.  They gave me a map and recommendations.  Arizona 238 is the road though the monument.  No loop road to drive through the desert.  I did stopped at a trailhead they recommended,  Took a short hike.  Not much any spectacular scenery where i was, just Saguaro Cacti, scrub brush, and dry soil.

Checked into my lodging and went out for some food.  The suggestion from the desk clerk was Rustler's Rooste.  The smallest burger they had was a 12oz serving with fries and onion rings.  Ordered it with a glass of Shiner Bock beer.  Not knowing, the "sandwich" came with a large salad and hot bread with whipped butter and cinnamon butter.  When I was served the burger, I was also presented with a little bucket of cowboy beans. 

I ate the salad.  It was a nice change of pace for me.  are the 3 onion rings, most of the burger and some of the fries.  Did not even touch the bread or beans.  It was just too much food.  I had arrived when the food service opened and during the happy hour.  Was happy I had eaten early.  As I was leaving the restaurant there were bus-loads of folks were arriving for their meal. 

Now settled in for the night.  Next stop Albuquerque.

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