Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Little of Everything

Thursday night, I started getting cold in my room at the Quality Inn.  Tired to get some heat running. No Luck.  Found out that the hotel had turned off the HVAC system.  They could not come up with a heater to plug in the room.  Temperature was to get down in the low 40s, upper 30s the next nights. Registered my complaints, but it seemed to land on deaf ears.  After breakfast Friday, i moved to the next-door Motel 6.

Was a pain in having to move, but I did not have to load the bikes, i was able to ride them across.  Rained overnight and threatening rain off and on all day.  Not a day for a bike ride.  Grabbed my copy of Scenic Driving in New Mexico.  Drove to Pecos and up into the mountains there (Pecos River Canyon).  Nice scenery, but no much opportunity to photograph the landscape.  Was able to shoot some of the old, abandoned buildings. (upper photo).

Had tickets for the Handmade Bicycle and Craft Beer Show in the evening at the Farmer's Market.  Weather permitting, I wanted to attend.  Did not want to waste the $15 I paid the ticket for.  Weather was iffy, but decided to drive down to the Railyard.  Parking was a pain.  Eventually found a spot about 3-4 blocked from the show entrance.

Showed my ID, presented them my ticket, and received my hand stamp and wrist band. Wrist band was good for 1 free pint of beer.  Tabs were removed for each beer you had, up to the limit of 3 pints.  A bit disappointed - last year the entrance fee was $10 and included the frist pind AND a souvenir pint glass. 

Durango Bike Company has it usual selection a good looking mountain bikes (lower photo).  Visited with a local guy the does environmental studies and watching the regulators (for stuff they miss) and another that had lived in Minneapolis.. Last year, they had tables outside to sit at and visit in addition to the small tables to stand at while drinking your beer.  They had food vendors, but, again, no place to sit down to eat.  I had a second beer and visited with a guy in the area from Lubbock, TX.  He knows Copy Craft, the company that published my calendars. Had enough and headed back to the car.

Was rough walking back to the car. It was a bit chilly and spitting a little rain.  After standing for over an hour, my knee was giving my problems.  Was happy to get back to the car.  Headed back toward the hotel. 

Needed some supper.  Remembered Dr. Field Good was in the area.  They had a spot in the bar.  Had a burger and potatoes with large glasses of water.  Ready for bed once I got back to the room.

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T Black said...

Nice article Tom. I had a similar situation with a cold room in Liberal, Ks in November of 2014.I was returning from a trip to Las Vegas and it turned real cold with high winds and snow. I checked in and the room was cold, so I turned on the heater portion of the HVAC and dust blew out.The next thing I knew, the fire alarm in my room went off because the heating elements were also loaded with dust. My issue went unresolved and I slept under as many blankets as I could find. Their excuse was their rooms had not been prepared for winter as yet. The good news is, I wrote to Holiday Inn and received a partial credit. Traveling is always an adventure; at least we have the liberty to do so..