Thursday, May 7, 2015

Recovery and Photography

When I got up Wednesday morning, I was hungry,  Stuck my head out of the door, it was obvious that it had rained over night.  At the breakfast room decided on having a waffle and coffee.  Back at the room, I crashed into bed again.

Worked some on the new pages for my web site. Ate my left over pizza for lunch (hit the spot).

In the afternoon, I was ready to get out the room a little.  Wanted to shoot a couple photos around Gunnison.Went to Hartman Rock to see what the place (and their trails0 looked like.  Particularly with my altitude problems, no way I was about to attempt riding singletrack (or even dirt roads).

Processed the photos and did some more work on the web site.  Pack bags for an early departute Thursday.  Altitude still giving me a problem, could not get in a good night's sleep.  Toss and turned all night.

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