Monday, May 4, 2015

Manitou Springs. CO

I am on the road again.  Just over 600 miles yesterday from home to Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Was a stormy night at home Saturday.  That, and the normal problems sleeping before a trip, made it a long night.  There was a little rain in the air as I finished packing the car. Got on the road 3"45am CDT.  Stopped in Council Bluffs to gas the car.

The upper photo was taken along I-80 around Wood River.  The sky was getting light and the full moon was setting.  Did not get the focus quite right.

Stopped in Kearney for breakfast.  At Elm Creek, I dropped off the Interstate for the more "scenic" drive on 2-lane roads.  I have driven a couple times this route.  I just enjoyed the drive.  The weather has cleared and temperature climbed to 79 degrees.

I found some more old, abandoned buildings on the route.  These little towns of the plains have a treasure trove to photograph.  Got off the main road in Jennings, KS.  During scooping on block, I shot several good shots.

Another boring drive on I-70 from Colby, KS to Limon, CO.  I still J-76 from the Nebraska boarder to Denver is still worse.

Not much to see along US 24 from Limon to Colorado Springs. Saw several abandoned buildings like the lower photo. here.  I had to pay close attention as I neared the Springs. Route 24 takes a rather circuitous route..  It did not help there was a traffic jam near the I-25 interchange - sign indicated they were cleaning up a vehicle fire.

Found my Motel in Manitou Springs.  Had a problem with the room, I could not get a good internet connection. Interference with WI-FI from another motel.  Move from a room with a King bed to a room with 2 Queens.  The internet connection for more was more important than the size of the bed.

Headed a mile or so up the road to find beer and food.  The hotel desk clerk had suggested The Keg.  I was in heaven when a pint of Mass Transit Amber Ale was placed in from of me. The brew was crafted by Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs.  There were a couple of problems.

First, I had not seen any parking meters.  Another customer told me where to pay parking - as the police in Manitou Springs love their parking fines.  Took care of that, but the place was only serving a limited menu because of a kitchen fire in March.  No fried food (could not have my burger).  I settle on for the french dip.  Had a second pint to wash it down,

The town of Manitou Springs looked like an interesting place to shoot photos and wander around,  but, I was just too tired and had left the D-SLR in the room.  i headed back to the room and crashed into bed.

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