Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cleaning the Bikes

You might recall my comments about muddy road yesterday.  I had to clean the bikes until I could bring them into the hotel room.  Last night, I left them on the car, backed hear the room door.

At dinner, Cousin Don and I arrived at a plan - I could get them washed at his place.  I wanted to visit him at his place and see more about his pipe creation and repair (smoking pipes) work.  He suggested he could make breakfast - probably better than the waffle machine breakfast I would get at the hotel.

It was not easy to get this New Mexico mud on the bikes.  The drive and sun turned the mud to adobe or hard-pan. Seemed that soaking the area with water, letting it sit of a little, and then it would be loose enough to wash off.  Otherwise, it was sticking like glue!  Got the bikes washed of and turned to thoughts of breakfast.

We feasted on blueberry pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  After breakfast he explained his pipe work.  I have to say, i would buy some of his pipes if I was still smoking.  He makes some beautiful smoke able pieces of art.

Relaxing in the room most of the day. Treated myself to a Heath Blizzard. Got the bikes into the room. Called my mom for Mother's Day.

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