Saturday, May 16, 2015

North Central New Mexico Mountains

When I got up and shower this morning, I saw the weather had not changed muck.  Cold, damp, threatening rain.  Not a good day for a bike ride.

Headed North to and past Taos and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  Took the low road from Espanola to Taos.  From there, clockwise around the Enchanted Circle to Angel Fire.  Off the beaten path to Mora.  Then West to meet up the High Taos.

Getting at Red River, it was lunch time.  Saw the "Yesterdays Diner" when I first came into town.  Looked like an interesting place for a sandwich.  Decor was a little of everything from years past.  Ordered Ham & Cheese sandwich - something different.  Alas, no ham.  Settle for a Patty Melt.  Was very tasty.

Wanted to see and photograph the ghost town of Elisabeth town.   Missed it.  Knew when I got to Eagle's nest, I had gone too far.  My guide book said about it being over 5 miles back and down a dirt/gravel road.  Maybe another time.

Spent the afternoon driving the roads of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain.  Weather was changeable. Spitting rain, trying to snow, overcast with periods of sunshine.  Any time i got out of the car, was happy I had worn my sweatshirt.

Took lots of photos of old, abandoned building and a few landscape photos.  Processed the photos when I got back to the room.  Also went out to the grocery store for some supplies on the drive home.  Packing the room this evening and early to bed.

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