Sunday, May 17, 2015

Return Drive - Day 1, Santa Fe to Colby

Did not sleep much last night.  Felt like the altitude was getting to me, though I have been at about 5000 ft for a week.  Cold morning, was 39 deg in Santa Fe when I was packing the car.  Sunny but cold.  Dressed in BDU pants.  Filled the gas tank on the car and headed North on I-25.

Was a bit tired at time, stopped at a couple rest areas to get out of the car.  At Trinidad, CO, turned NE onto two-lane roads.  By the time I was at Trinidad, the temperature was into the 70s.  Felt like overdressed for the temperature.

I have driven this route several times, so mot much new subjects to photograph.  Did snap this one of an old Union Pacific caboose on display in Sugar City, CO. 

Checked into the Quality Inn, Colby, KS.  Grabbed bags and pulled a pair of cargo shorts for the drive tomorrow.  Decided check out the Mexican Restaurant (El Dos de Oros) at the hotel.  I knew there was a problem when my food was served in under 10 minutes.  Food was just tolerably warm, not hot like I am accustomed to getting at Mexican Restaurants.

Hoping to get a good night's sleep.

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