Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Saturday was my day to move from Farmington to Albuquerque.  I have do say, I was not impressed with the town of Farmington, NM.

Under 200 mile drive scheduled for the day, so had time for some tourist activities.  Drove over to Chaco.  First, I have to admit that I was confused, thinking Chaco Culture was the same Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

With the weather conditions (threatening rain) and having 2 bicycles on a read rack, I was concerned about driving the unpaved section of the road.  A sign just after getting off US550 suggested to check road conditions by turned to the radio at 1610.  Well, there was nothing on the air at that frequency.  Road was mostly good, except for a couple sections which were very muddy.  I ended up some heavy, caked-on mud on the bikes.

After the 21 mile drive into the park, I stopped at the Visitor's Center.  Picked up my vehicle pass and a book about the area.  Drove the one-way loop road stopping along the way to take photos.  With the altitude and my knee, did not want ot walk too much.  Took time to walk up to Pueblo del Arroyo.  Most of my photos are of those ruins.

Back on US550, the next place I wanted to find was the ghost town of Cabezon. Had some snow in the air at Cuba, NM.  Found the road off US550 that I needed to take.

I passed San Luis and consulted the book, finding to get to Cabezon, I would need to drive some dirt road and could only be viewed from the mesa because of a locked gate into the town.  Passed on that, and back to San Luis.  Photographed the little church and several abandoned buildings.  Maybe will get back to Cabezon when weather conditions were more conducive.

While in this part of the state, I wanted to find the "White Mesa" mountain bike trails.  I was able to find the road off US550, just South of San Ysidro.  Did not have direction handy.  Driving on the gravel road, I thought I had driven enough and so not further signed except just off the highway.  Guess I did not drive far enough.  The web site says the bike trails are 4.4 miles from US550.  Another time.

Checked into the hotel and sent message to my cousin.  We met to Billy's Long Bar for a couple pints and a sandwich.  At the server's suggestion, I had the Roswell Ale.  Pretty good amber-colored ale brewed in Roswell (yes, the home of the aliens), NM

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