Thursday, May 14, 2015

Albuquerque to Santa Fe

This morning, started loading the bags into the car.  Had breakfast with cousin Don at the Range Cafe.  Very disappointed, my breakfast was cold (very little heat in the food) when delivered to the table.  After trying to eat a bit, I gave up.  the server offered to get me another breakfast, but by then, I was not in the mood to eat.  Thankfully, they did not charge Don for my breakfast.

Back at the room, I finished loading the car.  Add all of the day to drive to Santa Fe, so decided to take the scenic route (Route 4) into the Jemez Mountains.

Stopped at the Soda Dam and shot this photo.  Stopped to take photos of the battleship rock, too.  Was planning to check out Jemez Falls.  Found the road to the falls and campground.  At the end of the spur road, there was a parking lot with restrooms.  there was a trail leading away from the parking lot.  I could not hear any falls, nor was there any indication have far I would have to walk to view the falls.

On into Santa Fe and checked into my hotel.  Grabbed bags for the 3 night stay in Santa fe.  Unloaded the bicycles and parked them into the room.  Check e-mail and facebook.  Not up for moving around for dinner.  At the hotel was Lu Lu's Chinese Restaurant.  A dinner of sweet & sour chicken was a welcomed change to burgers and brews. settled into the room for the night.

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