Friday, May 8, 2015

Angel Peak Scenic Area

Its amazing what lower altitude can do for getting a good night's sleep.  Only woke up a couple times in the night.  One of those times was because of a howling wind.  Looks like thoughts of a bike ride may go by the wayside.

Showered and dressed for breakfast and perhaps the day.  Back in the room, the body said "go back to bed".  Slept in to about 9am.  Did some work on the web site and made plans to tour the Angel Peak Scenic Area a little South from Bloomfield, NM.

Saw and photographed some awesome scenery.  When you get to the area, you are on the edge of a mini Badlands.  Drove the gravel road to its and, stopping at several turn-out to take photos.  Stopped to visit with a couple from the El Paso there camping and playing "tourist".

Back in Farmington, I wanted to find the bicycle trail.  Thought I had found it, and not interested in riding it.  Processed photos from the day.  Napped and watched.  By 4 pm, I was getting hungry.  Found my way to downtown and the 3 Rivers Brewery,

Tap room was too noisy, walked a few doors down to the restaurant.  The way things have been going on this trip, they were out of the Arroyo Amber Beer that I wanted.  The server suggested the Hop Scotch Ale.  Ordered the beer and the chicken-fried steak (on the lighter appetites menu) .  Nice change from the burger and fries.  The gravy was not the normal white, tasteless gravy.

On the way back to the hotel, I finally found the riverwalk.  Looks like it would be a nice trail to ride and photograph.  In the room for the night - repack the bags for Albuquerque.

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