Thursday, May 7, 2015

Aztec Ruins

Loaded the car and had some food in the breakfast room.  Selected eggs and sausage (all lukewarm).  Gassed up the car and headed on the road.  The day was clear, decided to detour up to the Black Canyon - see if I could get some photos in better lighting.

Stopped at a couple vistas, one where I to walk a little to get to.  By then, I was a stop at the visitor's center and do some shopping.

Back on the way toward Farmington,I drove US 550 to Aztec NM.  I had forgotten the narrow, winding route that US 550 carves up and down the San Juan Mountains from Ouray to Durango, CO.  Encountered some snow in the air - thankfully, nothing sticking to the road. 

Made a wrong turn in Aztec, but with the help with a convenience store clerk, I fount Azrec Ruins National Monument.  Parked the car and walked up to the entrance.  Realized my camera SD card was about full.  Back to the car to get a cleared card.  The ranger gave me basic info about touring the ruins.

My body was about toast when I got back to the car.  As I got into Farmington, it took 2 different stops to find my hotel.  First  stop was at the Cottonwood Cycles.  Got the skinny on singletrack and bike path information in the area.

Checking in the room, I found me in a cracker-box room.  Not even a chair and desk/table to use my laptop.  Had to moved rooms - to a handicapped room.  By now, I was very tired and frustrated.  Took some time to move photo files onto the laptop.  Processed my files into HDR photographs.  Online, found a local brew-put for dinner.  Problem was that I was too tired to think about dinner.  Crashed into bed.

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