Friday, June 9, 2017

199th LIB Reunion

In 2 days, I will be on the road to an Army Unit reunion.  Back in 2004 I attended my first reunion.  That reunion was a reunion for one company - Echo Company 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry, 199th LIB.  This was the group I lived with in Viet Nam.

With some personal reservations, I made plans to attend the reunion in Columbus. GA.  I was hoping to re-connect with some of my buddies from 1970.  Over the years of attending that reunion, I have been able to reconnect to some of the guys, met other that preceded me, but to date, have not been able to reconnect to some of the old hooch buddies.

This year, the Echo Company reunion is scheduled for St. Augustin, FL, where I have previously visited.  Further, its over 1500 miles from my new home in New Mexico.

I have become "facebook friends" with a couple of other vets that were assigned to the 199th.  The 199th Brigade reunion is scheduled to start in about 10 days in Reno, NV.In 'Nam, I was actually assigned to the Brigade HHC.  I have made reservations and will be traveling to Reno to atted the Brigade Reunion.

Meeting other members of the unit does not bother me.  My concern is if my old Chaplain should decide to attend.  He has not attended any of the Echo Company reunions, but I do not know if he has ever attended brigade reunions. I know over the years, He had logging into the brigade web site.

Why is this bothering me?  It's because I have no use for this man.  When I worked for him, he was a "holier-that-thou", bully.  I hated working for him.  I have many bad words about him in my memoirs.  I just hope I do not meet him at the reunion.  I am afraid I would tie into him, should I see him.

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