Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Upper Antelope Canyon

Got a good night's sleep at the Holiday Inn, Chinle.  Needed the rest from all of the walking at Chelly.  Splurged with the breakfast buffet.  Did not take me much time to packed - on the road by 9am.

Not in a big hurry, this morning.  I would be gaining an hour with a time change between Chinle and Page.  There were some boring stretched of the road, interspersed with some interesting red rock scenic. Most of the drive, I had the cruise set at about 55 mph (with a highway limit of 65 mph).  While slow to the traffic, I enjoyed the drive more.

Found the parking lot  and staging area for the Upper Antelope Canyon tours.When I got to the tour area,I found the tour 00cost is $40 the $8 (parking?).  I thought it a bit steep, but I stopping in Page for doing the tour.  Further, my room in Page is on "points".

When it was time for the tour, we were loaded on special pick-up trucks (12 per person) for a ride to the entrance to slot canyon.  Once at the canyon, we were herded through the canyon.  At time it was crowded in the canyon.  By the time we got to the top end of the canyon, I had enough if the tight quarters and crowds.  I was about ready to tell the guide to pick  me up on the way back, when were were out of the canyon. Glad I had the point&shoot camera and my DSLR - I used both on the tour.

It was a quick walk back through the canyon to our transport (no photos on the way back).  Was a struggle getting up into the truck.  I was thinking of doing the lower canyon tour the next day.  With my legs being toast and the cost, I decided it would not worth the price and time.

I was treated by an big room (suite) with  my points at the Days Inn.Settled into the room and started checking my photos.  Found food just a few blocks away (not having to drive into downtown) and had spaghetti and meat balls at  Canyon King Pizzeria.  Finally, crashed into bed about 8pm local time.

On to the Grand Canyon North Rim.

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