Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Night in Ely

After my train ride on the Nevada Northern Railway, I headed to my hotel.  It was time to check out what happens on Saturday night in Ely.  From what the hotel clerk, not very much.

Being Saturday evening, I showered and got my "cowboy" on.  Though it was rumored to ne a little pricey, I needed a good burger and large glass of craft beer.  Rack's did not disappoint me.

It was an nice evening, so opted to eat on the patio.  The burger was served on a "pretzel" bun.  The food was washed down with a 24 oz glass of Angle Creek Amber Ale.

Not much else going on in Ely on a Saturday night.  Anyway, my belly was sated, so I headed to the room for sleep.

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