Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SLC to Grand Junction

Headed out of Salt Lake City.  Was mostly a boring drive down to Moab.    As I neared Arches National Park, I saw signs that the park was closed.  It was about noon. I could see vehicles driving the park road to the exit, but not into the park.  I later learned that it was so hot, they were allowing folks to come into the park early in the morning, but no hiking of the trails.  Then the park closing as it got too hot.

Was planning to drive the LaSal Loop.  The last time I was in the Moab area, the road was closed for construction.  When I neared the road, I learned it was again closed for construction.  Drove a few miles, anyway, to see the scenery.

Back-tracked to Moab.  Found out what's happening at the Visitor's Center.  Drove CO 126 along the Colorado River.

Found my hotel in Grand Junction (would have liked to stay in Moab, but room rates are too high).  filled up the gas tank ready for the scenic drive tomorrow.  Early to bed.

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