Monday, June 12, 2017

Canyon de Chelly

First stop of my Army Reunion trip was Canyon de Chelly National Monument.  Unusual for me, I was able to get a decent sleep the night before heading out.  Was well rested and headed out of the house about 3:45 in the morning.  Stopped for breakfast in Gallop, NM.

Just across the Arizona border, I turned North on Rt 12.  The map shows the road is a scenic route.  At Tsaile, I headed SW on Route 64, another scenic road.

This road included access to a couple view areas of the canyon.  Stopped by and walked to Mummy Cave and Massacre Cave Overlooks. The trail to Antelope House Overlook was 1/4 mile from the packing lot, so with my knees, I skipped that overlook.

Turned onto the North Rim road.  There, I found many more canyon overlooks.  At the first overlook, I purchase a souvenir of the trip.  A local was selling painted rock telling the story of the area and its inhabitants. My knees did surprising well for all of the walking to the overlooks.

By the time I got to the historic trading post, I was getting tired.  Did a little shopping and headed towards town to find my lodging.  The Holiday Inn is just out of the park.  Registered and settled into my room.

The rest of the day was spent processing the day's photos.  Stretched out my legs on the bed.  Started creating the website pages for the trip.  Finally, wondered of the the restaurant for a late light dinner of chili and frybread.

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