Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Recovery Day

Slept in a bit, getting a good night's sleep.  Was thinking of having a breakfast.  When to the hospitality room and had a donut and cup of coffee.  That seemed to satisfy my hunger.  Visited in the hospitality room for a while.

About noon, I headed to the room and car to exchange luggage.  Needed to get a bag of clean clothes. Also took a nice nap before thinking of a early dinner.

Checking out the offerings at the hotel(s) I settled on the Brew Brothers Microbrewery.  Had a 22oz glass of their "Redhead Amber Ale" and their BBQ Bacon Burger w/ fries.  The amber ale was a little hoppy for me, but tolerable. .The burger was great - just enough sweet BBQ sauce to flavor the sandwich, while not overbearing.

The best part of the meal was the price.  I happened in there during "happy hour".  My burger & fries was only $5 and the big beer was also $5.  The hotel gave us reunion attendees $10 per day chits for food and drinks. So, dinner cost me $2.50 with tax and tip!

Short visit a couple other vets in the hospitality room (3/7th guys).  Pill time and call it a day.

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