Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Verillion Cliffs & Grand Canyon

A short driving day was on the agenda Tuesday.  Dropped down from Page to Marble Canyon od the Colorado River.  This area started the Vermillion Cliffs formation and the National Monument of the same name. Took some photos of the canyon, river, bridge, and cliffs.

I was too early to check into my cabin at Jacob Lake.  Headed on down the 45 miles to the North Rim on the Grand Canyon.  Checked in at the Visitor's Center.  Verified sunrise and picked up walking stick.

Took several photos.  By the time at got back to the car, my legs were "toast".  Checked into my cabin and settled in.  This is an old little cabin.  No grounded outlets (luckily there was a power strip with cheated on the end in the room.  Further amenities missing from the cabin was any TV, Radio, or internet connection.

Figured out how to make my phone a mobile "hot-spot".  It allowed mt check e-mail.  I did have facebook on my smartphone.  Did not want to run up my usage charges, so decided to wait for make large posting when I got to St. George, UT.

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