Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Short Ride on the Santa Fe Rail Trail

Just HAD to get on a bicycle today.  Did my coffee and waffle at the motel.  Putzed in the room waiting for the temperature to get up to into the 60s.  Loaded the hybrid on the car and headed to the Rabbit Trailhead on the Santa Fe Rail Trail.

At this trailhead, the trail is Paved to the North and crushed stone to the South.  I headed North toward the plaza.

Being a trail along the active railroad bed, I was thinking it might be relatively flat, or at least a easy grade.  NOT!  The trail follows the surrounding terrain, ignoring the rail bed cuts and fills.

In the upper photo, I-25 crosses the trail and a less used track.  I selected this photo for its aesthetic value more than to show the trail typography.

By the time I arrived at Rodeo Rd, I knew I had to turn back to the car.  Disappointed, as I had not hit the one mile mark.  But, i knew I would have a headwind and a rough hill to get back to the car.  Further, the two hills I had climbed getting to Rodeo Rd had me stopping to catch my breath.

Climbing the rougher hill, I had to get off my bike and walk the bike. I just could not get enough air to ride - even had to take it slow walking the bike.  When I got to the parking lot, I did some reconnaissance on the crushed stone trail to the South.

From the trailhead, the trail takes a big drop.  Then coming up to the track grade.  I know that if I were to ride this section of the trail, I would have to walk the bike back up to the parking lot.  I have been advised that further South, the trail is more like a singletrack.  See the lower photo.

By the time I was near my motel, I was hungry.  Stopped at a Dennys just down the block.  Just what the body needed - water and food.  Have been thinking of going to Plaza/Rail Yard area for a beer or whatever.  The spirit is will but the body says NO.

There are some trails in Santa Fe along the river and an Arroyo.  They might be better to ride, but there are not trailhead parking places noted on the trails map.  It was the climbing (short as the hills were) that did me in.  Some research this evening might be warranted.  Today's ride DID convince me that it is better than I NOT try to do one of the group rides.

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