Monday, May 12, 2014

Changing Weather for the Drive

As usual, did not get a good night's sleep before my drive.  Finished loading the car and was on the road just after 5am.  Threatening rain and in the upper 50s. 

The weather turned bad while driving I-80.  Had a head-wind (probably 20-30mph) all the way.  Add periods of heavy rain and dropping temperature.  It was down-right cold (41 deg) when I stopped at the Elm Creek Sapp Bros for breakfast.  (Photo is from the WB rest area near York, NE.  Note the standing water in the field)

From there, I got a break from the wind when heading South.  At the Kansas border, I missed a turn.  Ended up taking me about 10 or so miles out of my way.  Made changes to my route.  Stopped several times to shoot photos of old buildings.  Ended up with photos of over 30 such buildings.  Plan to post some are on facebook and more on my web site.
During the drive in Colorado, the sky cleared off and the temperature climbed.  Was in the low 50s when I hit Lamar.

Arrived my motel in Lamar, CO about 3:30 MDT.  Processed my photos and got recommendation for food by motel desk clerk.  Had a good Mexican meal at La Mission.  Tired from the drive.  Time to get some sleep.  Looking forward for a good photo day tomorrow.

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