Saturday, May 3, 2014

Exploring the New Iowa Riverfront

Today was an awesome bike riding day.  Temperature in the upper 60s (near 70), slight breeze, and partly cloudy.  It had been ages since I rode the Iowa Riverfront trail North from the Western Historic Trails Center.

As i passed under the I-80 bridge I noticed that much of the bike lane pavement had replaced.  I really needed it.  Had been destroyed from heavy trucks parking on the bike lane.

Big change as I rode under the Harrah's parking garage. The casino boat was gone.  I had heard that it had been moved down river and no longer being used as a casino.

The big change, and my destination for my ride, is the new Hanafan Riverfront Park (upper photo). I had not seen the new park since it had been completed.  Also, I knew there was a function at the park - a celebration of kite flying.  The crew from the Trails Center called for me as I was riding the hybrid.  Brought that bike because with the rack and bag, I could pack my good camera.

Resting on the bike, I guess I was sitting too heavy on the top-tube.  Broke the kick-stand.  After my visit at the park, stopped for a couple photos and headed back.  On the way to the park, I rode the levee trail.

On the way back, I took the trail down along the riverfront drive as far Harrah's.  Greeted a guy on a fat bike - looked like he was also exploring the trail. It was a great day for exploring by bicycle!  Noticed the fruit tree blooms near Ameristar Casino.  Grabbed the D-SLR and shot a couple photos of the blooms.  (lower photo)

A quick stop at the bike shop for a new kick-stand.  Home, processed photos and blogging.

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