Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wednesday, A Day to Recover

With all of the driving (logged 978 miles) over the last 2 day, I needed a day to recover and acclimatize for the 7000 ft altitude.  Got up for breakfast at the motel.  Motel had the popular waffle irin.  Add a sweet and coffee.  Back to bed.

Spent some time working on photos and posting them to Fine Art America.  Created and posted on my photography blog. 

Found The Broken Spoke Bicycle Shop.  They were very helpful giving me a free city trails map and suggested a place to ride.  Next heading to the rail yard - where much of the festival will take place.  Wanted to be able to easily find my way between the motel and rail yard.

Getting hungry by then, so stopped in at the Junction for a burger and brew.  Today's photo is of the New Mexico RailRunner at the Santa Fe Depot.

Still not really warming up (mid 50s).  Below freezing over night.  Forecast is for mid 70s over the weekend.  Stayed in last evening.  Did some more photo work.

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