Friday, May 16, 2014

Santa Fe River Trail

This afternoon I made another attempt a getting in a decent bike ride.  At the concierge tent at the festival agreed the Santa Fe River Trail might be a good trail for me to ride.  The completed section totals about 2.5 miles.

From my Santa Fe trail maps, I ascertained the best place to start my ride would the at Friendly Park.  Not sure parking but was pleasantly surprised that is a decent sized parking lot.  Unloaded the bike, changed shoes, mounthed the rack bag and headed to the trail.

First thing I noticed was that the trail drops down to the river.  Crossed a narrow bridge, and headed up the trail.  And "up" the trails is right.  As I rode, it was clear the trail makes a slight grade. A couple times I had to stop and catch my breath.  Started drinking my water and popped a Shot Blok in my mouth.

About a mile in my ride there is bridge over to the other side of the river.  It looked like a good place to turn around.  Not sure what I would have on the way back.  I knew I would have a headwind and climb back up from the river to the parking lot.  Soon  realized I could almost coast back the trail.

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