Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Home Again

OH, I got a good night's sleep.  Not sure if it was the lower altitude, the bed, or both.  It was alount 8am before I got in the road.  Started on the road when I realized I needed gas.  Out in this part of the country, I figured I better get it in a town the size of Oakley, KS or I might have problems finding some.

Had a couple cups of coffee at the motel.  Passed on the waffle, looking for more for breakfast.  The temperature was climbing already.  The wind was blowing strong.

Headed down the road about 100 miles when I hit the town of Norton, KS.   Was exiting town when I saw Town & Country Kitchen.

I was a little hungry, so ordered their 3-egg scramble.  I was very pleased when my order delivered to my booth.  The scramble has sausage, ham, and bacon in the scrambled eggs,  Added hashbrown potatoes and toast.The scramble was awesome - impressive amount of meat.  Washed down the food with water and coffee.  If you find yourself in Norton, KS, give the Town & Country Kitchen a try.

During this trip, I have taken many photos of old and abandoned buildings.  Old, abandoned machinery and vehicles also can be photogenic.  Had to turn around and come back to shoot this old GMC truck. Interesting contraption on the back of the truck.

Just before baking the turn North, I passed the "village" of Woodruff.  Not much is seen from the road except abandoned building scattered in tree.  Here's where I took moat of my photos for today.

I had thought of stopping Pioneer Village in Minden, NE.  It was obvious that I would needed to spend another a night on the road/  The time was also inconvenient - would need to spread the stop over 2 days. 

Got home a little after 4pm.  Will slowly unload the car.  Its Tuesday and NCIS night.  Don't remember if tonight's episode  is season finally. 

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