Friday, May 16, 2014

Bike, Brew, and Beyond - Day 1

There were a couple of functions held on Thursday. However, Friday was the official start of Outside Santa Fe's Bike Brew, & Beyond festival.  I got up early to be at the concierge table soon after open.  Wanted to let then re-assign my reservation for the SOB ride.  After my problems riding Thursday, I was better skipping that ride.

Picked up a printed schedule of events.  Asked one of the volunteers if the River Trail might be a better on for me to ride.  He agreed.

Back to the room and a nap (had not slept well). By 11am, it was starting to warm up, so stated preparing for a bike ride.  See for details of the ride.

The party started at 4pm with the After Work Party.  Add in a beer fest with handmade bicycle vendors at the venue.  For your $10 entree fee to the beer fest, we got a commemorative pint beer glass and a ticket for the first pint of beer.  We could sample a pint of the craft beers of several breweries in the area.  Unfortunately, none of them had an amber ale - my preference.

Eventually, I found the outside picnic tables to rest my legs.  Had a nice conversation with a guy that grew-up in Peoria IL area, spent much time living in Tucson, AZ and now lives in Santa Fe. The crowd was increasing and noise was louder.

I had planned to eat at the rail yard. First preference was The Junction - knowing what I was get there.  But, my legs said to select a closer place.

Squeezed into a seat at the bar of Second Street Brewery.  Had my second pint.  Again, nothing close to an amber ale.  got a pint of a beer the bartender recommended.  Was OK.  Use it to wash down a cheeseburger and fries.

The railroad plaza stage was jumping.  There were vendors set up on the plaza.  I took a few photos.  But, i was ready to get to the car and into my motel room.  Had to take a couple rest break getting to the car.  Back at the room, the lower volume was welcomed.

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