Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On the Way Home

While packing the room Sunday evening, I decided to drive basically North into Colorado and then cut East across the bottom on the state.  It gave me a chance to check out the new Rio Grande del Norte National Park.  Depending how the drive goes, inital plan would to aim for Oakley, KS asovernight stop.

The Monument was designated in just a year ago.  The upper photo here is Camel Rock, just north of Santa Fe.  Took the "low road" to Taos. From Taos, my route was North on NM 522. The Rio Gramde del Norte is near the town of Questa.  When I made plans, did not know the monument was so new.  As I passed in Questa, I saw a sign for the "wilderness area".  As a wilderness area, there would be nothing to see, so I kept droving into Colorado..

NM 522 turns in CO 159, thought San Luis - the oldest town in Colorado.  At Fort Garland, my route takes me across La Veta Pass on US 160.  There was nothing remarkable about the pass.  At Walsenburg I jad the option to drive Interstate via Denver to home or continues on 2-lane roads.  It was tempting to high-tail it on I-25/I-76/I-80.  It was already noon.

I was feeling pretty good, yet, so up to more exploring 2-lane roads.  It gave me to shoot more photos of old and abandoned building.  My route in Colorado took me on CO 10, North on US 71 through Rocky Ford to Ordway. 

From Ordway, I drove North and East on CO 96 to Eads.  From Eads, it was North on US 287 to Kit Carson.  Next turning East on US 40 toward Oakley.

By the time i needed Cheyenne Wells, I really needed a restroom break.  Further, I did not have a room reservation.  I get off the highway and found my way into the business district of Cheyenne Wells.  The town municipal offices and library filled both my needs.  Thanks for the friendly folks at the town library - no charge to use their computer. 

One and a half hour (and another hour loss in time zone) and I was in Oakley, KS.  Checked in at the Rodeway a little before 7pm CDT (in my hurry,  I had make the reservation for a day later - but they had a room available)..  The motel desk clerk suggested The Bluff for food.  The Bluff is a small town restaurant and bar only 4-5 blocks from my motel. 

Didn't take me much time to crash into bed.  Lower photo in this posting is an old Texaco gas station. Have not figured out what little town it is in.

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