Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Up and Down Kind of Day

After a good night's sleep, I was ready for the drive - almost all on narrow 2-lane.  Packed the car and had a waffle at the motel.  Had to wait for the waffle-maker to warm up.  Thermometer in the car was reading 34 when I headed out.  Topped off the gas tank - not sure if I would be able to gas-up before Ratan.

The route I had mapped out gave me lots of opportunities to take photos of old, abandoned buildings.  Will take me time to process the 73 HDR photos I took today. 

My first main destination was the old "ghost" town of Folsom.  Folsom is in the NE corner of New Mexico.  Its claim of fame is "Folsom Man" dates at 10,000 years ago.  From there, It was up onto Johnson Mesa.  Snow up on the mesa.  Today's photo was taken climbing up to the Mesa.

Gassed up again at Raton.  Rout took me across US 64 to Taos.  Wanted to check out the old ghost town of Colfax.  I could not find any of the ruins of the town.  Just the bar at the highway intersection.   There was a sign just down the road about the old Dawson Cemetery.  That is a 5 mile drive down a gravel road.  Passed on that side trip.

Nice drive up Cimarrom Canyon.  Took a couple photos of the palisades.  Back into the snow as i climbed in altitude.  By the time as I neared Taos, shooting old buildings was getting old.  Further, there were just too many of them.  This was definitely the case along the "High Road to Taos".

I stopped at a convenience store when I reached Taos.  Wanted to make sure i did not miss the turn-of to the "High Road".  Did not need to worry, There were signs where to start and at every intersection.  Made it easy to find my way.  And it dumped me onto US 84/283 towards Santa Fe.  (see lower photo)

The High Road to Taos Scenic Byway was interesting.  Lots of abandoned building and "shacks".  Much of the roadside is dotted with pueblos.  Another up into the snow and down to out of it.   

Found and checked into my motel.  Started unloaded the car into the room.  Will finish later this evening or in the morning.  Was gonna eat the the El Salvador restaurant at the motel.  But, the waitress did not know what I wanted.  I had asked for my go-cup of water and order some food.  When after 20+ minutes and no food, she asked me it i wanted something else -- I said "food"!  And since she had not ordered it to the kitchen, i told her to forget it.

Desk clerk at the motel suggested a place less than a block down the street.  Had a expensive beer, burger, and spuds at Dr. Field Good Kitchen.

No big plans for tomorrow. Need to rest, recoop, and recover from the drive.  I will be moving slowly with the altitude here.  Will have to watch myself - not over-do it.

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