Sunday, May 18, 2014

Last Day in Santa Fe

Last night, I started oacking bags for the trip home.  Had problems sleeping.  Having problems gettting my breath once in a while.  Feels like restriction in the neck, depending how i lay to the pillow.  That, and the altitude problems (worse than I had ever had) warrants a call to the doctor.

After breakfast, i grabbed the camera and headed South to the "ghost" town of Cerrillos, NM.  I had been there before, but did not know how much to look at in the town,  Thanks to my copy of the book "Ghost Towns Alive"  I spent some time there. (upper photo a shot of an Antique shop on First St.)

Heavy bicycle traffic on  NM 14 to Cerrillos.  All of the riders for the Santa Fe Centery and Santa Fe Grand Fondo were utilizing the same route.  Luckily, traffic was light.  Had to be 1000 riders or more on the road.

While in the area, I wanted to see if I could find the coke oven ruins of the old town of Waldo.  Made a wrong turn out of Cerrillos and ended on a dead-end road in Cerrillos Hills State Park.  A ranger gave me directions to the Waldo Canyon Road.  Interesting landscape along the canyon road.

After over 5 miles (further than the book says) I realized I had gone too far.  Grabbed the book to help me what the ovens look like and how to find them.  Eventually I found them.  Visible from the road and just across the railroad tracks.

Back at the room, I changed into my cycling kit.  Loaded the hybrid on the car and headed to the Railyard.  Parked at the Junction, where I was planning to eat after my ride.  Rode from The Junction to St, Frances Street on the Santa Fe Rail Trail.  (Lower photo is a caboose on display along the trail).

Took a couple other photos there,  Brew, burger and water at The Junction.  By then, I was ready to retire to my room.

Back to the room and packing.  Had to take a break for a nap a couple times.  Processed the photos taken today.  About time to get horizontal.  But before that, I need to plan my route home.  Hoping to see some good scenery as i leave the mountains. 

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