Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bike, Brew, and Beyond - Day 2

After breakfast, I kitted up for the City Cruise bike ride.  First problem was parking.  The starting place for the ride is the Railyard.  The same area for the Saturday Farmer's Market. 

Checked in with the concierge.  Told me they would be gathering at the water tower.  When it became time for the ride to start, no one was there.  Alas, the location changed a short block down the track.

Was a pretty good group.  The ride was scheduled for about 10 miles.  I told the group leader that i would likely need to bail, becuase that would be too far for me.  He suggestet I ride as far as I could.  But within 3/4 mile, I was at the end of the pack and needed to stop for air.   (This even with us slower riders caught by a stop light).  I decided to bail.  The rear group "leader" came to make sure I was OK.  Told him its the altitude and was heading back to the railyard.

I had some time left on the meter, so rode my bike around the railyard area, stopping to take a couple photos.  Ask a couple walking by if they would take my photo at the Santa Fe Depot with my bike.  They obliged me.  (See lower photo)

The next event i had planned to attend was the Bikes, Beers, & Brats at Bishops Lodge.  I needed to have something to eat beyond the waffle at breakfast.

Ouch!  $5 for a brat and $5 for a beer.  I learned this is a higher priced resort in the foothills just out of Santa Fe.  Google Maps shows as an "upscale retreat".  When I got back to the motel, i wanted to know "just upscale".  About $200 a night, upscale!  So wonder a bottle of beer and a brat was $10.

When i got there, a couple was playing bocci ball.  They and the grill-mistress where it.  Four more came later - 2 from IMBA and a festival volunteer and another.  They didn't even acknowledge me.  Eventually more of their group arrived and prepared to ride dirt.  I did get a tidbit of information overhearing the festival volunteer -- The estimate Friday night beer fest attendance was 2000. 

When I had arrived at Bishops and got out of the car, i was feeling a bit light headed.  Not feeling that chipped by this time, so headed back to my motel.

Feeling better back at the motel - must have been the additional altitude.  Was thinking of going to watch the dirt jumpers scheduled for 5pm.  Did not look like it would be asy to get to the jump park, without riding bike or walking.  So scrapped that idea.  Quick nap, and start packing up the room this evening.

Thinking of exploring the railyard and park Sunday, when there was not so much activity and free parking.

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