Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CHS '65

Saturday evening was my 45th high school reunion. Salem Central High School (now Westosha Central) class of '65. The reunion was held at the Brat Stop - a hang out for years.

Our class reunions have been a bit non-traditional. Previously we held 25th and 36th year reunions. All have been held at the Brat Stop. Very informal fundtions. The next one (for our 50) is being planned to be a gala affair.

My grade school classmates (Ilene and Ron - that's right, there were 3 in our 8th grade class) were both in attendance. Some of my closest high school friends - Pete, Jack, Susan, & Barb) were there.

When I headed to my mom's apartment, I was tired and with a headache. My brain was overloaded, I should have headed home earlier, but it was worth it.

Organizers used our high school senior photo on the name tags.

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