Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ride to Mineola

Been getting a little lax at blogging. Will try to get caught up here.

Monday, was my dental check-up in the morning. After that, I decided I needed some hill climbing. So, headed out from Xtreme Wheels for a ride up the Wabash Trace. Brought my newer D-SLR camera to take a few more HDR photos.

Not sure how my legs would be. Recent my legs have been slow starters on a ride. Once I get a mile or two into the ride I am good to turn up the power. Two miles from the trailhead, the trail starts to climb. Did not push it up the hill, kept a steady 9 mph pace.

Stopped briefly at Margaritaville. Took a few photos and re-hydrated (consuming half my bottle of water). Feeling good, so on down the hill to Mineola. Stopped for some more photos on the way down.

Time for a little break. Ate a couple granola bars and drank my bottle of G2. A couple more photos at the trailhead. Then grind back up hill.

Pushed it a little more on the way back up. Rode at about 10-11 mph. A young guy (maybe 20) passed me while I was stopped for photos. As I started back up the hill, I was able to gain on him, eventually passing him. (Granted, he looked like he was taking a leisurely ride up the hill and my breathing was labored, passing him made this 62 year old feel good!)

Back at Margaritaville I stopped to consume the reset of my water. Then flying down the hill - my favorite part of the ride.

I keep learning more about what works and what doesn't with the HDR photography. Really like some of the effects I am getting when some are changed to black & white (grayscale).

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