Sunday, August 1, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere

Hot and humid weekend here in the Omaha area. Yesterday I took my ride before breakfast.

Since I was planning to attend the ham radio breakfast, I parked at N. 16th St. Hy-Vee. Rode south on the Iowa Riverfront Trail. There is a little water over the trail under the Harrah's parking lot. Ride through the ground level lot instead of on the trail. (There's also lots of debris on the trail from the high water.)

That's as far as I rode yesterday, returning on the trail. Today, a bit longer ride and later in the morning.

After coffee at Panera Bread, I grabbed the road bike off the car and headed for Lake Manawa via bicycle path. It was almost 9 when I started my ride.

First stop was the mountain bike trails area. The river is down a little (at least there is a dry part of the road out to the boat landing. The river is still very high and predictions are for rising from the rains upstream last week.

The top photo today is looking across the river viewed from Lake Manawa boat landing.

Feeling good, I decided to continue on to the Western Historic Trails Center. That's my stop for sign the guest register, use the rest room, refreshments, and refill water bottle. Since I was so close, I took a ride up and over the levee to see if the water has been receding there.

The second photo for today is the low spot behind the Trails Center.

The trail is now rideable there. Most of the trail is dry (a little water along the edge). Still needs some clean-up from the downed trees. I had no problems riding there on my road bike. I expect the detour signs will be removed soon.

Was getting a bit warm when I got back to the Mall (about 11am). Just short of 24 miles today. Stopped to get some groceries and headed home. Now relaxing in the AC!

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